Frequently Asked Questions

No. In the State of Michigan, any scooter under 50cc only requires an operators license. A moped license can be obtained for riders starting at age 15.

If your scooter tips over for any reason, oil could find its way into parts of the scooter that it shouldn’t go. The best thing is to sit it back up and let stand for at least a few hours. If the scooter is not running right after a spill get it to a mechanic immediately.

Our scooters miles per hour are typically based on the size of the motor, how heavy the unit is and the weight of the driver and passenger. Most 49cc scooters average between 30-40/MPH.

All of our scooters come with a manufacturers mechanical parts warranty. View the scooter pages for additional details.
We handle warranty claims by working with our customers to fill out a simple parts request. Sometimes the manufacturer requests to pull the part and send it to them. Shipping charges may apply. Once the replacement part is received our mechanic will install the new part at our discounted customer hourly rate. If a mechanic other than a Campus Scooter mechanic works on a scooter, it voids the warranty. If a scooter is involved in an accident it voids all warranties.
* It is upon the owner of the scooter to make arrangements to get the scooter to a Campus Scooter repair center for any and all repairs, including warranty repairs. Campus Scooter does not provide this service since it is an outsourced service.

The first 30 days after the sale, Campus Scooter will cover parts and labor for any needed repairs*. The scooter must be brought back to a Campus Scooter repair shop within 30 days of sale for warranty claims. After 30 days, any parts covered under the warranty, during the warranty period, will be covered and the customer will be responsible for the discounted labor rate of our mechanic and any shipping charges. *The scooter must be repaired by a Campus Scooter mechanic for Campus Scooter to cover the labor and parts. The scooter must not exhibit excessive wear and tear and be accident free to be covered under this warranty.

Yes. Once the scooter is paid in full, you will receive a title and bill of sale which shows that you paid sales tax. Take these 2 papers to the Secretary Of State for registration. It is only a $15 registration in the State of Michigan that lasts for 3 years.

Yes all scooters sales are final. They are titled and ownership and responsibility are transferred to the purchaser. All of our scooters are put together by a Campus Scooter mechanic, given a 12 point inspection by our Service Manager and ready to ride after point of sale. If the scooter has any issues not caused by user error, a crash or excessive wear and tear, vandalism and theft and the user purchased one of our available warranties, we will work with the manufacturer and mechanic to ensure warranty claims are honored according to the terms of the warranty. Our goal is that all of our customers who purchased warrantied scooters are completely satisfied. We also offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee where we cover all mechanical costs (parts and labor) on any new purchase as long as scooter is not damaged by a crash, excessive wear and tear, vandalism, theft and/or user error.

In the State of Michigan, if you are 18 or older helmets are optional for 50cc or less scooters. We highly recommend a DOT approved helmet to be worn at all times. We do stock several helmets at our shop in a range of colors and styles.

Average mileage on one of our 49cc gas scooters is between 80 to 100 MPG. Some users get over 100 MPG.

If your scooter gets body damage or it gets any cosmetic damage for any reason once it leaves the store, the Campus Scooter and mechanical warranty does not cover this type of damage. We do stock many parts and can special order body parts for damaged scooters. If a scooter is crashed in any matter, the entire mechanical warranty will be voided.